Vet Day

Took our dog to the vet today to get spayed. Thankfully she wasn’t entering a heat cycle, or they wouldnt have done it. I really wasnt thinking, she will be one in about two months. If dogs are entering a heat cycle then getting them spayed isn’t normally done because there’s more risk.

But all was fine and her surgery went well. We got to pick her up this morning.

Yesterday was okay. It was nice to be dog free for the day and evening. I zoned out on the computer quite a bit because I decided to dual boot linux with windows 8 on my desktop. So, lots of mindless geeking. 19 year old tried to pick a few fights, but i was able to observe, describe my feelings and stay out of the argument.  I also tried the ‘not judge’ and just did what i needed to do to avert an argument. I give myself a 5.

Today i was irritated because I had lots of cleaning to do in order to get ready for family to come over, and had to work. Was antsy and stressed and didnt use my skills. Didnt think of them.  But then i went outside for a cigarette.. and felt the cool air and just said ‘yeah, ill get through it. It’s okay. It’s fine. The house is fine, im okay. Enough of the bad mood.’ and i got out of it. Cant recall what skill that is.. Wisemind I guess.  Now tonight im feeling down because I want beer but husband went out and didnt buy me any. I didnt come right out and BEG him too, i wont sink to that level. But I did say I wanted some and he just kind of shrugged it off. So right now I feel like I hate him. And i feel alone. My online cronies that I’d normally blab with, arent on. So…. yeah. Today is a 4/5 Part of the time the skills distracted me but didnt work, (like now, I am purposely sitting in misery) but they did work earlier (outside ,using wisemind.)


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