Where oh where has my memory gone?

Writing the day after about the day before.. and it’s SO hard!

What did I do yesterday… I got my Javita coffee order in, and some materials. I’m excited about this because the coffee is the ONLY thing that snaps me out of my seroquel slugginess. So yesterday I went through some of the materials.

Had a quiet kind of lazy day. We had an Sausage n Egg Breakfast biscuit from Tim Hortons for breakfast after dropping off the kids. There was a man sitting with a sign asking for Change or Food. So husband gave me a five dollar bill to give him.

hm. I’ll have to think more about the day and then get back to it. There HAS to be more to it than this. Weird.I guess at least it wasn’t a BAD day. I would have remembered that 😀

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