Not much to report

Puttered around the house today. Did some reading, took dog for a walk. Talked to an old friend who I haven’t seen for a long time. ¬†Went grocery shopping with hubby and the kids. Watched some Jericho tonight before going to bed. Sat on the patio this afternoon and just sat and watched the trees blowing, it was nice.

19 year old was out most of today so it was quiet. Husband is at work tonight so definitely quiet around here.

Got all my web work done today, ready to show to Father John and the Deacon.

So, I guess I’d give myself a 5 because I did use my free time in a productive way, but I was still irritable with small things that set me off. Dog on the counter, Dog running off with my computer keyboard while I was in the bathroom. ¬†Skills I used were One Mindfulness (taking a walk, working on web site) non Judgement and Effectiveness)(was getting mad because I felt like the criticism I received for lack of work should have been placed not on me but the person who was supposed to GIVE me the info to put on the site

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